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Osuna & De Zandmuze

OSUNA Trio creates a unique blend of Anatolian and meridional Siberian music, combining traditional instruments such as the saz, tanbur, chatkhan, and medieval fiddles. The group explores Balkan asymmetrical rhythms, Tuvan throat singing, Turkish minstrels, and ancient ballads, creating a hybrid silky texture that is both traditional and improvisational. If you're a music lover looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, Osuna is the perfect choice for you. Check out the videos to learn more about their music and upcoming performances.







Line up:

Thomas Baete - Medieval fiddles, viola da gamba, vihuela de arco, voice...

Emre Gultekin - Anatolian strings - saz & tanbur, voice, percussion...

Raphaël De Cock - South-siberian harp-zither (chatkhan), shrutibox, overtone and throat singing (khöömeï), voice, jew's harps, flutes & kavals, bawu...

De Zandmuze - Sand Artist

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