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Odile Santi
Odile Santi

Discover the immersive and evocative art of Odile Santi, a gifted Visual Artist. As an experienced painter and illustrator, Odile's work is both technically impressive and artistically stunning.

With an educational background from the Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, she is also an accomplished children's book illustrator with over fifteen published book notably with publisher Courtes et Longues. Her love of travel and passion for creativity are evident in all of her work, which she shares with various audiences through unique workshops and courses in academies, art schools, elementary schools hospitals, libraries etc.

Her presentations, such as the musical readings with Sanjay Khyapa, are one-of-a-kind experiences that you won't want to miss.

Dive into her world of creativity, cultural diversity and travel.

In 2018  Odile Santi had the opportunity to exhibit her work at Mac de Sallaumines celebrating people from all walks of life, depicted through the intricate medium of charcoal. Each full-length portrait offered a glimpse into the heart of the person it depicts, inviting visitors to connect with their stories in a powerful and introspective way.

In northeast India, in a village in the Meghalaya region, literally “the home of the clouds”, a young mute girl plays the ghatam, an instrument with which she enables villagers to communicate with the surrounding area during the monsoon season. 

Disappearing one day into the jungle, she returns to her people bringing with her the technique of “living bridges” made of intertwined tree roots, a unique heritage in the world and indispensable for linking villages in this mountainous area. 

This beautiful tale, written by Hélène Gloria and illustrated by Odile Santi, became an album entitled La rivière des brumes, released in 2023 by Cipango.

Odile Santi and Sanjay Khyapa (a prolific musician and composer from Kolkata) offer a musical reading of this album with the projection of the illustrations :

Immerse yourself in the sounds of the monsoon and the Indian jungle, lulled by Sanjay’s original musical creations, which subtly accompany the text read by Odile Santi.


Odile loves India, a country that nourishes her imagination. She extends her travels by creating compositions in charcoal and engraving inspired by scenes of life, characters, architecture, thus suggesting potential narratives.

"Carnets de voyage Inde et Himalaya" , 2021


La Rivière des Brumes (10 Jan - 3 Feb, 2024)

Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the art and culture of Bhutan.

Galley Library IMPRESSIONS (17 rue Meslay 75003 Paris) invites you to the Odile Santi exhibition, showcasing contemporary Bhutanese art. Join for a special musical reading and concert by Sanjay Khyapa on February 3rd at 4 PM, the final day of the exhibition.

Come and immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and rich culture of Bhutan. We hope to see you there!.

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Odile Santi

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