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Salon Musical : Vardan Hovanissian (Live)

Vardan Hovanissian, a prominent member of Manush Music, has strong roots in Armenian traditional music. Known for his expertise in the duduk, his talent is unparalleled which lead to exceptional projects and collaborations across the world.

Learn more about Vardan and his contribution to carrying on the Armenian musical tradition.

On the day of the Armenian Christmas, Manush Music presents the first concert of the Online Acoustic Concert Series in Salon Musical.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to witness Vardan Hovanissian, the greatest duduk player in the world, as he pays homage to those affected by war violence across the globe in an unforgettable online concert. Join him to experience the beauty of his music and honour those who have endured hardship.

Vardan Hovanissian : Duduk 

Marat Jeremian : Dhol Zeynel Atik : dem duduk Philippe Dontaine : Duduk (student of Vardan Hovanissian)


Malabika Brahma : vocal (Guest) Emre Gultekin: vocal & saz (Guest)

Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Emre Gultekin

Video by Stijn Rutgeerts Venue : Manush Music Salon Musical

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