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Véronique Gillet
Véronique Gillet ©Robert Hansenne - Copie.jpg

Guitarist composer Véronique Gillet’s musical way led her from popular songs of her Italian and Spanish immigrant neighbours to Alberto Ponce (Spain), Egberto Gismonti (Brasil), Leo Brouwer (Cuba), Fernando Freitez (Venezuela), Giovanna Marini (Italy), Emre & Lütfü Gültekin (Turkey) and many others... All these caring gardeners have sowed their souls in what must have been a very fertile soil.These abundant contributions could “have formatted” the composer like a school and induce her to creations “after the manner of”. Fortunately, her imaginary has been able to abstract the essential spirit: the cultures which inspire her seem thus rather to link their richnesses and to weave her personal creation. Robert Mercier (guitare-diffusion).

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