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Why Manush

The word Manush originating from "Manuṣya" in Sanskrit means human-being in Bengali. Manush is the universal human-being without distinction of race, gender, ethnicity. However, there are connotations attached to this word and the initial reactions are always surprisingly indicating; gypsies. Mensch in German, Insan in Turkish, Mirov in Kurdish, Binadamu in Swahili, Rénlei in Chinese, Bashri in Arabic, Moun in Creole...

Manush Music & Art is none other than an artistic variation of this universal human spirit.


Our Vision

Manush is a melting pot of  all forms of expressions that celebrate humanity through art that crosses borders, touches hearts and souls, elevates everyone’s spirit.

An initiative to take us towards the Universal Human Nation to which we so aspire!


Our Mission

The mission of Manush Music & Art is to create an assemblage of human beings from different cultural and social backgrounds, representing the multiple faces of this Universal Human, the "Guest of honour". We invite the artists and musicians to explore and share the greatest potential of their humanity through musical, choreographic and pictorial expression.

We draw a set of values, which are sharing, solidarity, empathy, openness, curiosity, the desire to discover others and relate to them. We pay particular attention to ensuring that, in the creative spaces as well as behind the scenes, our artists can meet, discuss on an equal footing and in wonderful conviviality.

What We Do 

For Programmers :

Our team at Management & Booking is passionate about finding the perfect artist for your program.

we would help you in : -

  • hiring and managing the artist.

  • in managing administrative details like invoicing systems.

  • providing digital profiles with well written texts and images of the artists as per your requirement.

  • offering custom-made programs with different combination of artists according to your event. 

  • planning and executing an event that incorporates tailor-made music art and wellness workshops, private intimate concerts, master classes and much more...

We strive to offer you nothing but the best so you can completely trust us regarding the quality of the artists we work with who are professional in true sense.

We are always open to discussing any possibilities that may come our way, and we love collaborating with creative minds to bring new ideas to life.

Let's work together to make your vision a reality!

For Artists :

At Manush Music & Art we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to help you navigate the complex world of the entertainment industry. With our expert team in communication & media  we can help you reach a wider audience ensuring that you receive the exposure you deserve.

We offer music residencies, master classes and workshops, nurture young artists, providing them with the support they need to take their artistic journey to the next level.

Contact us today and let's discuss how we can help you achieve your goals!




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