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Experience the Sounds of Manush

Manush Music brings together people from all walks of life to enjoy and appreciate different cultures through the universal language of music. Our service connects artists with audiences to create a unique and inclusive experience. Come celebrate diversity with us through the unique  performances of our artists.

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Discover Our Artists  


Bringing together the haunting sound of the Armenian duduk and the unique tone of the Turkish saz, Vardan Hovanissian and Emre Gultekin make music that bridges cultural divides. They symbolize the union of two peoples and weave together a myriad of languages and styles through their art. Their sound is a tribute to the wandering soul and a nod to the beauty that arises from borderless friendships. As their management company, we are thrilled to share their music with the world.

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Discover Gülçiçek Bakır, an exceptional artist with a powerful voice who sings and writes in Kurdish, Zaza and Turkish languages. 

Her unique vocal range and emotional depth captures the essence of Anatolian oral musical traditions. She has also created new compositions that speak to important issues of our time

such as the fate of refugees, her music is both culturally rich and socially relevant. Experience the beauty of her work today!

Baul Meets Saz, Traditional, Spiritual music, Indian Turkish Fusion, World Music

Baul Meets Saz is more than a musical performance, it is a cultural and spiritual journey. This musical exploration highlights the unification and overlap of two distinct traditions: the mystical Bengali tradition of the Bauls and the aşiks. The music serves as a unique platform for the profound lyrics, which contain a mix of both Hindu and Islamic symbolism, highlighting themes of unification between human love and the divine. Book Baul Meets Saz and experience the transcendental journey of their unique musical fusion.


OSUNA creates a one-of-a-kind musical experience by blending Anatolian and meridional Siberian music. The group uses traditional instruments like saz, tanbur, chatkhan, and medieval fiddles to explore Balkan asymmetrical rhythms, Tuvan throat singing, Turkish minstrels, and ancient ballads. The result is a unique and improvisational sound that is both traditional and modern.

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